The TRUE History Project 

At SLS we believe our students deserved to be educated with an unbiased and completely truthful account of history.  We developed the True History Project, which is a hybrid collaboration of classroom activities and a structured Decolonized Perspective of Black History course through zoom with Outschool developed by Mrs. Iman Alleyne.

This African American studies course is designed to develop an understanding of the causes, character, and consequences of the African American experience and its influence on the world, the United States, and the African American community. Beginning with a historical, geographical, social, political, economic, and cultural understanding of the African continent, the course will provide a descriptive and corrective overview which will introduce the student to the study of the African and African American experiences. Why start here? Most Eurocentric curricula begin African American history with their enslavement, completely leaving out the rich cultural history many Africans had in their own societies. By teaching students about history pre-slavery, you build a deeper respect and self-confidence in black children who learn this early.

Here is the week class topic

1 Ancient Africa, Geography, Ancient Egypt, West Africa, Kingdoms

2 African Explorations of the World

3 Great Zimbabwe, Axum and Weakening of Africa

4 Slavery in the Americas

5 Neo-slavery; abolition, Civil Rights and constitutional rights

6 The soul of African Americans

7 Contributions of African Americans to the US and to the world 8 Current state of African Americans (The Black Revolution)

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