Focus on the important stuff and explore the rest!
SLS has a focus on structuring the core academic subjects which include math, language arts, eloquent speaking, geography, reading and writing.  Music, art and most sciences are explored hands on.  Balance is the key to education.
Students work in studio-style classrooms, small group learning is essential to mastery. A rotating chore list at the end of the day keeps all of the students engaged in responsibility for their school campus! 

Students rotate classes according to a structured schedule. Academics are structured classes with teachers, ensuring the students academic progress. 


Electives are conducted with guided exploration, allowing students to learn through shared experiences. 


Daily Schedule:

8:30: a.m. Early Drop Off

10:00-10:15: School-Wide Meditation 

10:20-11:05: First Period

11:05-11:15: Break

11:20-12:05: Second Period

12:05-1:00 School-wide Lunch and Social Time

1:05-1:50: Third Period

2:00-2:40: Fourth Period

2:40-3:00: School-wide Clean-Up

3:00: Dismissal 



Our music room features a digital music studio and sound room, which is available for the students use anytime.  The walls are lined with ukuleles, guitars and a plethora of other instruments for their use. The students write songs, practice favorites and have many opportunities to perform in the community. 

Visual Arts


Every one of our 6 classrooms at SLS, including our kiwi cafe area and enormous back yard nature preserve campus becomes an inspiring art studio for our artists.  We have graphic designers, sketch artists and even 3D designers at SLS and we strive to provide them with the time and tools to develop their talents and skills. 

Performing original music in the community! 
Performing Arts


We work with Jr. Toastmasters to enhance our students speaking and leadership skills. Eloquence is an important skill. We also have many opportunities throughout the year to perform at various community events, including world ukulele day, Baha'i Community events, Speaking and Music venues.  We also use music as a service to local Assisted Living Facilities, offering musical lessons and performances to community elders.