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More than 80% of our students qualify for full scholarships through Florida School Choice department for independent education.  Our administrator is available to assist new families in the scholarship application process through the Florida Department of Education.  Navigating the process can seem overwhelming for new families, but once you apply, the approval process is a breeze! Scholarships open for application are usually open from march to July of each year, but often scholarship applications are even approved mid-year.  School choice scholarships open the door to your student's success, allowing them to attend a private school despite your economic status.  Scholarships are available through the department of education (school choice) for:

-low and middle income families

-reading gap

-documented instances of bullying in public school

-ADD, ADHD and Dyslexia

-Family freedom in education

and MORE! 

Most of these scholarships pay for all or most of a students tuition.  In the case that state school choice tuition must be supplemented, we are happy to assist with a secondary scholarship search.  Please don't hesitate to contact our administrator office and take control of your students school experience! 

More information about the various scholarships available:

Remember that we are here to help you!  

Admissions Office: (727) 460-7252 

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