Distance Learning and Dual Enrollment

Student Dual Enrollment Program 

Students have the option of applying for our dual enrollment program.  This program can assist students in expediting their college career. This program is optional and extended to students who have proven fortitude and focus in the classroom.  With our Dual Enrollment program, it is possible for students to complete their college classes through the online college platforms while at our physical campus. Dual Enrollment program also makes it possible for students to earn college credit, tuition-free while enrolled with us. This can be a great financial help to families and an incredible opportunity for the success of college-bound students.   



Community Service Events 

As a regular part of our school day, ever other Wednesday, our students spend portions of their lunch hour making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the local homeless shelter. These sandwiches are delivered to the local shelter with a rotation of students who accompany a delivery volunteer. This is simply one example of how service is interwoven with the fabric of our school. In addition to regular scheduled service community projects like this, we also complete several projects per year which are need-based ensuring that we always serve in the most efficient way possible. 


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