Distance Learning and Dual Enrollment

Student Dual Enrollment Program 

Students have the option of applying for our dual enrollment program.  This program can assist students in expediting their college career. This program is optional and extended to students who have proven fortitude and focus in the classroom.  With our Dual Enrollment program, it is possible for students to complete their college classes through the online college platforms while at our physical campus. Dual Enrollment program also makes it possible for students to earn college credit, tuition-free while enrolled with us. This can be a great financial help to families and an incredible opportunity for the success of college-bound students.   




The Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) has released guidelines for schools to reopen. The FLDOE has only offered guidance through the fall term 2020. Following the Fall 2020 semester, the Florida Department of Education will require schools to reassess plans prior to the spring 2021. SLS Parents may choose completely online, blended or campus attendance. We unwaveringly support each family in their choice. All students will receive a set class schedule (as usual) and continue in their use of Edginuity (our chosen accredited online education platform) allowing for seamless exit and re-entry as needed.

The following is our physical re-open plan for Service Learning Micro-School for the fall of 2020:

SLS will use strategic risk mitigation practices that have the ability to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. Screening students and staff for COVID-19 symptoms through no-contact infra red temperature and checks and teacher vigilance will aid us in quickly isolating students and staff who exhibit signs of illness. We will also use a pod system of education that groups students and staff into a single, isolated group, and eliminating the need for students and staff to touch common surfaces (See diagram for building lay out) which will assist greatly in strategic non-exposure. We will install temporary physical partitions between sections of the building. It’s important to note that each section of our building (A, B, C/D) already contain the following:

1. Separate AC units and duct work, further protecting students and staff by limiting their air exposure.

2. Have individual exit/entrances to the outside.

3. Contain two classrooms each, allowing students to maintain social distancing

4. Have separate bathrooms limiting shared surfaces

5. Contain a separate microwave and mini-fridge eliminating the need for a shared surfaces and eating spaces.

These small provisions allow us to strategically mitigate risk and allow for more flexibility, and less stringent requirements within their designated section of the school.

We will rotate students and staff on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (to be determined) to limit shared surface spaces and air flow. This means that your students “class” of 10 and 1 teacher will be kept together for at least one week at a time, in one section of the building before rotating. Students will adhere to their set class schedule and online students can join their classmates via zoom according to their individual class schedules. This naturally means that your students academic rhythm will change from 4 periods of 4 subjects per day, to 4 periods of focused subjects per day, according to the teacher they are placed with. This focused subject plan will rotate weekly or biweekly when your student and their group rotates to the other teacher.

At this time, masks are not mandated in Pinellas County Schools (please note that this may change at any time) and wisdom is strongly encouraged by the FLDOE in individual educational settings, but schools are given the freedom of choice according to other ways of mitigating risks.

At this time, masks are optional.

We recognize there are *potential* risks associated with increased sinus temperature and CO2 inhalation over long term mask usage. We will do the following to help support your students health:

1. Utilizing outside space as much as possible

2. Opening windows as possible while still maintaining class climate control

3. We will be placing several plants in classrooms for enhanced air purification

4. Leading your students in outside sports, exercise and playtime to ensure respiratory and lung health

5. Regularly speaking to students about natural immune boosters

6. Continually encouraging a healthy lifestyle in ways that do not necessarily contribute to the fear and stress we know students are already experiencing.

SLS teachers are committed to regular COVID-19 testing, maintaining healthy lifestyles, supporting your students mental, social and academic health and remaining flexible to the FLDOE mandates.

We ask that parents also remain flexible and join us in supporting your students sense of calm, health and fortitude in this challenging time.

If an SLS teacher or student tests positive for COVID-19, we will be forced to transition that group to online learning for 14 days. The ill teacher will maintain those class groups from home, according to their ability, and/or with the assistance of the other staff members or substitute online teacher.

We ask that parents please keep students home at any sign of illness, to help us mitigate risk through our reopen plan. We will notify parents school-wide immediately if anyone in the SLS building or a family test positive for COVID-19.

Remember that this plan is temporary, and the Florida Department of Education and Department of Health will require us to reassess in the spring. It’s also entirely possible that schools may close for a short period of time, following a resurgence after re-opening. The are all possibilities that we are well prepared for. We are confident that our education model allows for the best possible strategic non-exposure during this time.

Keep your eye out for contact from our administrator, Megan Lawton, to schedule parent orientations via zoom in small groups, where we can answer individual questions and connect with each parent. We are committed to your student's whole success and sense of security, to challenging them and supporting them. We want to express deep gratitude to SLS parents for your flexibility and dedication to working with us through these challenging times.