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Sunflower-School, in the Bahamas 

Licensed under the title "Thumbs-Up Educational School"

Following the recent devastation of hurricane Dorian we had the pleasure of connecting with a former school owner, Vashti Jospeh, who lost her farm and school house on the island of Abaco, in the Bahamas.  Vashti and three of her daughters were temporarily displaced to our community in Clearwater, FL, and her 5th grader was enrolled in SLS, while she and her oldest daughter (Valesha) served with us, as  tutors.

After spending time with our community, families and the staff and students at SLS, Vashti and her family are returning to the Bahamas with our support in forming a satellite location.  This Bahamian location will use a combination of  





online, edeguity, workbooks and school supplies we will provide for students who enroll with Vashti.  Please contact Megan Lawton for enrollment information:


We are truly honored to offer the umbrella of SLS as Vashti restores her former school, the Sunflower Farms, to its former glory. It's our hope that our collaboration will serve as a testament to friendship in the wake of devastation. 

For more information please contact Vashti Johnson Jospeh at:

(954) 213-4711 (US) watsapp

1+242-527-0333 (Bahamian number)

1+242-375-9816 (Bahamian number)

facebook Messenger: Vashti Farrington 

Marsh Harbor, Albaco Bahamas 

Valesha Johnson 

1+242-475-0456 (Bahamian number)

or our administrative office in Clearwater, FL:

(727) 460-5272 (US)

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