Q:  Is your school approved for Florida School Choice scholarships?

A: Yes we are approved. We accept the Step-up, McKay and Gardner Scholarships.

Q: Is your school a homeschool group?

A: No

Q: Are you a charter or private school?

A: We are a private school.

Q: Why do you call yourself a micro-school?

A: We keep our student-base intentionally small so we can remain very active in the community.  

Q: How do you handle kids who are at different academic levels in only a few classrooms?

A: Our micro-school structure also allows students to work ahead in academics, ensuring no student is limited in their learning, we allow students to advance unhindered.  Students are grouped according to focus and capacity.  Elementary students are separate from middle and high school students. 

Q: How do teachers teach many levels at one time?

A: Our teachers act as facilitators. During 45 minute academic blocks teachers respond to raised hands as students have questions about their work.  Teachers answer questions, clarify instructions and remove learning pitfalls. In this way, we can omit unnecessary group lecture and serve as guides only when necessary. 

Q: How do you handle bullying and discipline without a principal's office and referral system?

A:  Remaining a micro-school ensures that we can effectively interact with our students socially, preventing bullying and assisting with conflict if necessary.  Students understand that in order to sustain their generous hour lunch blocks and other amazing opportunities in the community, they must work together as a peer group, helping redirect their friends if necessary. They understand they must work efficiently on their academics during the 45 minute learning blocks. Behavior is rarely a problem at SLS.  If redirection is necessary, teachers communicate with students or when absolutely necessary; consult with parents.   Students who pose a serious disciplinary challenge must be dismissed from SLS in pursuit of a more suitable structure. 

Q: Why would a parent choose SLS for their student?

A: The benefits to a micro-school model are endless.  Our world is interconnected as never before, and now is the time for schools to focus on interpersonal skills which is only accomplished in small consultative group settings.  Most parents who inquire about SLS, however, are doing it for the humanitarian focus and interwoven academics and service projects in the community. 

Q: What if I want to duplicate SLS in my community?

A: We would be happy to consult with you.  If you'd like to open an SLS in your community you must have more than 5 years of teaching experience, proving the necessary fortitude in the classroom.  Contact us for details.