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1. Schedule preliminary tour:
The next step in determining if SLS is a good fit for your family and student is to schedule a preliminary interview with our administrator, principal and teachers.  Each of our staff members will take the time to speak to you and your prospective student.  This admission process ensures that we are committed to your student as a team, and that your family and student have a proper introduction to the faculty which oversee their educational environment.  You can also ask financial questions at this time. 
2. Schedule a shadow day for your student.
3. Request the enrollment paperwork and meet with our administrator to assist with financial questions and the admissions process. 


Megan Lawton, 
Finances and Administration
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Notice: SLS is dedicated to maintaining a substance free campus. We have a zero tolerance policy regarding student substance use.

Completion of the Pinellas County 8 week "Face It" program, is mandated for substance related incidents.  We also work with resources in Hillsborough County to help our students and families remain substance free. 

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