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CLASSROOMS: We enjoy challenging our students academically while still recognizing their fluctuating thresholds and capacity.  Classrooms are not only a place for academic learning, but also a perfect place to strength the morale of the group.  We use the accredited online education platform, Edgenuity       

which allows us to: 

1. Meet state standards

2. Auto-send progress reports and updates to parents 

3. Adapt lessons to each student 

4. Accomodiate IEP

5. Allow test-out and credit-recovery opportunities 

6. Focus on relationships and support for each individual student

Our 4, 600 sq. foot building has 6 classrooms, separate gender bathrooms, a separate staff bathroom, kitchen, administrative office, handicap access and large common area. The students also have lockers. We have succeeded in combining a school atmosphere with cozy, simple and modern comfort.  Students are divided into groups of 10-12 per class, and scheduled into classes that meet their state credit requirements for our upper grades, and optimize the social and academic development of our lower grades.  Class ratio is 10-1 (students to teacher) and students rotate on their set class schedule, which renews and changes each semester. 


We support the use of teacher-created materials and activities, which demonstrate the inspiration sparked by their students. Our use of an accredited online platform allows for measurable progress available to parents, upon request. Homework is optional and extra credit, allowing for even more opportunities for student’s growth, particularly because optional homework is intrinsically motivated. 

Optional homework also assists in establishing balance for students, following their 6 hour school days, freeing up their evening for family time, sports practices, games, friends and individual extracurricular activities for our students outside of their school day. 

SPORTS:  SLS doesn't offer structured sports, which allows our students to pursue placement on the public school teams they are zoned for.  This opportunity applies to all Florida private schools which don't offer structured sports team. SLS, as a private school, has made the intentional choice not to offer structured sports at our campus, so our students can capitalize on this outreach opportunity.   We encourage our athletic students to pursue sports placement on outside community and public school teams, and we support their practice schedules, early dismissal needs and assist in all ways to ensure this opportunity continues for our students. 

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