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SLS is a Private School K-12 with a foundation firmly rooted in service to humanity.
SLS is a Baha’i inspired school, secular and non-fanatical, we do use the tenants of the Baha’i Faith as the pillars of the school. Elimination of Prejudice, Economic Justice, Equality of Men and Women, Oneness of God, Balance of Science and Religion, Individual Investigation of the Truth, Oneness of Humanity and Unity in Diversity. 


SERVING our STUDENTS: We believe the key to education is balance. Striking a balance between technology and nature, socializing and academic focus, community outlook and individual understanding, compliance and freedom, fortitude and fun, work and laughter, as well as individual and group needs. These are just a few examples of how we maintain a balance in our school and encourage balance in life. We welcome a diverse student body, including economic and political affiliation, family life, educational background and beliefs. We believe strongly that unity can be achieved in diversity. Diversity also imperative for students to increase their sense of balance in life. 


CLASSROOMS: We enjoy challenging our students academically while still recognizing their fluctuating thresholds and capacity. It may seem surprising, but we don’t tailor our classroom lessons to individual students. Classrooms are not only a place for academic learning, but also a perfect place to strength the morale of the group. Teacher-created activities demonstrate the inspiration a teacher feels, sparked by the students they work with. We balance the teacher’s adaptable lessons, with the use of online systems like ALEKS and IXL, which allow for measurable progress available to parents, upon request. Homework is optional and counted as extra credit, allowing for even more opportunities for student’s growth, particularly because optional homework is intrinsically motivated. 


FRIENDSHIPS and CONFLICT: SLS employs staff, who’s priority is to maintain the students’ trust and to assist with strong friendships. We recognize that social dynamics within a school are multi-dimensional and ever-changing and conflicts can be a perfect tool for growth. Although we encourage students to choose their battles, we don’t seek to prevent conflict or difference of opinion, rather, we see it as an opportunity for development and assist with consultation when necessary. Listening to different perspectives and examining the big picture before offering solutions, is our policy. Our goal is to encourage long term growth.  We're committed to keeping SLS a clean, drug free campus. Please refer to our policies for more information regarding our expectations of families and students. 


SERVING our COMMUNITY: Our strong and consistent community relationships provide frequent and fun opportunities for students to increase their capacity for commitment and follow-through. Nurturing human connections and community-outlook has never been more imperative than with this generation, who’s lives are highly individualized with social media profiles and internet pursuits. We use community-building projects as an integrated part of the school in order to strike a balance between their individual identities and the society which surrounds them. Our intentional focus on balance, and our action in the community, is what sets us apart from all other schools. 


Jaime Manfra, Principal

Jaime Manfra, Principal 

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